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Ballerina on Pointe in Pink Kiss Cut Stickers

Ballerina on Pointe in Pink Kiss Cut Stickers

  • $ 4.00

Create unique vinyl sticker sheet to personalize almost anything! Kiss cut is a style that is only cut through the vinyl making these stickers easy to peel from the liner. The multi-purpose sticky backing allows the sticker to be placed on anything from cars to notebooks and can be easily removed and restuck anywhere.


Matte finish

Weather resistant- will work as bumper or window sticker

Multi-purpose sticky backing can be removed and restuck



2.625x3.625 inch

3x4 inch

5.25x7.25 inch

5.5x5.5 inch

5.6x8.5 inch

9.8x14 inch


Pack Sizes Pack are made up of all the same sticker-so 1 design

1 Pack

2 Pack

3 Pack

4 Pack

5 Pack

10 Pack

25 Pack

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