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A New Beginning -Post 1 of my newest venture into the world of interior design

Posted by Melissa Wohlford on

My name is Melissa and I own my own small online storefront and I also work with other online retailers and Etsy to sell my products and designs. I have been doing this since 2008. I started with an Etsy store then progressed to having my own online store and now I also sell on artist store fronts like Redbuble, Society6, TeePublic, and Threadless. Now for a brief life history ( I promise it will be brief) growing up I loved drawing, painting, lego's and pretty much anything that let me be creative and use my hands. I explored the world of art throughout all my schooling up through college where I added the new genre of digital arts to my favorite ways of expression. Unfortunately, after so many years of continued heavy use of my hands to create and the unfortunate auto-immune system I was born with/acquired I am now forced to find new ways express my creative nature.  So to sum things up this is Who I Am: Maker

I am an artist, seamstress, painter, graphic designer/artist, photographer, above all else I am a Follower of Christ and a mother. I consider myself to be a creative soul put on this earth to be a Maker. To me this means I am here to create products that make you experience life and that make you feel something. I want to use my creative gifts to serve a purpose not only for myself but for everyone I come in contact with hence the name Purposely Designed. It is with this that I strive to live the following:

I will Serve You
While I am Waiting,
I will Create
While I am Waiting
I will Worship
While I am Waiting.

Alright, now that all that is out there lets move on to why I am starting this blog. Through all my art-ventures and raising my now two young adult children I am ready to enter my second stage in life. This new stage for me will hopefully be filled with new adventures, artistic endeavors and travel (once the current pandemic has passed). It is with theses things in mind that I am turning my creative gifts in a new direction, or semi new direction, I will be focusing on not only creating new designs but creating new designs that work together to form cohesive interior designed themes and rooms. I have had a life long love of making and changing my surroundings frequently. I am well know by family and friends for frequently changing my room(s) around in design/decor/furnishing,as well as decorating for every holiday/season. So it with that in mind, and the persuasion of my daughter, that I begin this new adventure. I hope you will come along with me as I explore this new world of interior design through its many phases and avenues.
So let's start this new Art-Venture together!

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